Amador Convention Center

We are proud to announce our 2014-2015 Silver A’ Design Award for Architecture, Building, and Structure Design!  Click here to see our project featured in Design/Magazine.

Project-Stats_Amador_1The interior architecture of the Amador Convention Center blends contemporary aesthetics with cultural patterns inspired by indigenous Mola artwork.  The vibrant colors and geometric patterns of the Mola artwork identify the main circulation paths both on the interiors of the buildings as well as the exterior elevated walkway.  Red materials, which are both a complement and contrast to the Mola color palette, signify vertical circulation.  Another reoccurring feature are the living “Mola” walls.  These interior planted walls will showcase a variety of tropical plants which will provide visual interest, assist with acoustics, and literally breathe life into the spaces.  These living Mola walls are featured in the Banquet prefunction space, the Banquet grand hall, and in the Exhibition Circulation space.