To create great design, RM Plus and our partners focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM). From the start of each project, our team creates an intelligent 3D model.  Using BIM early in the planning and design process allows the team to make informed decisions when they can have the greatest impact on design, cost, and schedule.

During Pre-Design, we use Sketch Up® to develop our vision for the project. With this software, we can quickly produce 3D models of design options to present and review with the client.  To communicate our ideas, we provide 2D plans, sections, and elevations and 3D perspective views of each scheme.

During Schematic Design, our team works together to advance the design concept.  To develop the design intent, we incorporate the forms from our Sketch Up® model into our initial Revit models. Our team uses the Revit Building Design Suite® to develop each discipline’s scope of work.

BIM Amador Convention Center

Exploded Axonometric Studies for Amador Convention Center

During Design Development and Construction Documents, our team uses BIM to advance and analyze our designs.  We import our Revit models into Navisworks, which creates an environment where the team can virtually walk through the building. Each week the team can view new design options and identify clashes between disciplines.  This 3D visualization gives everyone on the team a clear understanding of the project and the issues that need to be resolved.  In addition, our team uses energy analysis software to study the efficiency of our designs.  We continue to develop 3D renderings created from the model to illustrate the refinement of our design. Our team can leverage the material quantity calculations from our 3D models to provide rough order of magnitude cost estimates at each design phase.

RM Plus and our partners provide integrated, innovative, and inspired results that exceed our client’s goals. Our collaborative teams have the skills, experience, and knowledge to develop and deliver complex projects. Through BIM, we bring the design concept to reality.