Our Process

Design Philosophy

Creating great design is our focus at RM Plus.  We pursue creative solutions for each challenge we face. Through our award winning work, RM Plus provides integrated, innovative, and inspired results that exceed our client’s goals. Together, we bring the design concept into reality.

Design Process

For every master planning, interior design, and architectural design project, our design process beings with an idea – our source of inspiration.  Through initial meetings with our client, we refine the project scope and develop the programming requirements.  Then, we use our vision for the project to create conceptual schemes that reflect the project requirements, program, and budget.  It is important for the success of our projects that we involve our engineering team very early in the design process.  Their feedback and analysis will guide the development of the conceptual design and is the beginning of our effort to bring the concept to reality.

At this stage, we develop 3D building information models (BIM). Through BIM, we analyze and advance the conceptual design scheme. We work with our team of engineers to confirm our assumptions for the project and begin development for each discipline.

For all design phases, we use BIM to present 3D visualizations to our clients. We can virtually walk our clients through the model and produce progress renderings that demonstrate the look and feel of the design. For more on our use of BIM, click here.

For the next step in our design process, our team generates construction documents from our Building Information Models. Our objective is to use BIM to provide clear, concise, and integrated drawings for each milestone.  RM Plus also provides construction administration and project closeout services.

Pre-Design Services

  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Programming
  • Conceptual Design including engineering Proof of Concept

Architectural and Interior Design Services

  • Schematic Design using BIM
  • Design Development using BIM
  • Construction Documents developed directly from our BIM models
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Closeout