Guggenheim Helsinki Museum

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With a transparent society and dynamic culture, Finland has a demonstrated capacity to advance the Guggenheim’s mission to promote an understanding and appreciation of art, architecture, urbanism, and other manifestations of the visual culture of our time. The Guggenheim is committed to furthering contemporary cultural dialogue on a global scale, and Helsinki offers an optimal opportunity to continue to expand this program.

A Guggenheim Helsinki would serve as a cultural beacon by convening and collaborating with other museums, presenting internationally acclaimed exhibitions, featuring Finnish art within the Guggenheim’s international program, acting as a primary destination for tourists, and welcoming the public into a new gathering space. The concept for the project will address the Finnish population directly and engage them in a dialogue about the use of technology. We propose a concept that allows our structure to merge with the existing landscape and reflect the artistic and cultural aspects both literally and subliminally in the architectural design and artistic content of the proposed building.

Through the use of technology, recycled and environmentally sustainable materials, the Guggenheim Helsinki will integrate into the landscape, through ‘pixelization’ of the façade, offering a space within a space to visitors. By creating this intrigue, we generate endless possibilities of spatial interest, allowing portions of the building to become evident from specific points of view. These points of view will interact and reach with the cardinal points of the Helsinki art community, the International art community, the iconic landmarks of Helsinki, and the international icons that are part of the Guggenheim network.

By reflecting back the surrounding areas of the building and making the building integrate, we create a space where there is no space and address a difficult problem when planning the installation of a building in such a recognizable skyline. With new versus old, in this dialogue the new is invisible, being held primarily in the technological and virtual reality that we have grown accustomed to.

The inner space is a reflection of the self, allowing the cultural aspects of Finnish society to come to expression through materials and space planning. Creating a stark contrast from the external acceptance of the surroundings, the interior is preserved and even idealized into spatial distributions that speak directly to the media used. The large interior atrium, filled with natural light through the gold woven curtain wall, illuminates the interior of the building.

The warm light in conjunction with all interior surfaces in their entirety covered in Finnish wood create an inviting central core to the building. This gathering space activates the dialogue between visitors and the art featured in the museum. The open and accessible public atrium becomes a compelling venue for guests to participate in performances, art installations, educational workshops, and lectures.

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