Black Television News Channel Headquarters

BTNC_Project Stats

‘The mission of Black Television News Channel is to produce intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring, and empowering for distribution to the network’s African-American audience.’

Our concept design explores an opportunity to locate the new headquarters for BTNC at the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications located on Florida A&M University’s campus. The goal is to transform a third of the existing journalism building from outdated classrooms to dynamic news station headquarters. The headquarters will include 2 studios for live broadcasting as well as support/technical spaces, workstations for staff, and offices for management.

The dynamic, patterned, colorful façade creates a unique identity for the news station on a campus composed of traditional brick buildings. Our concept redesigns the outdoor spaces surrounding the building, creating hubs for live broadcasting and student gathering. At night, the building transforms into a backdrop for video projection of the day’s news broadcasts and vibrant visual effects. This will create a unique visual experience for students, faculty, and staff to share by gathering in the digital garden.

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