Bocas Del Toro Baseball Stadium

Calvin Byron Stadium_Project Stats

This conceptual design for a baseball stadium will meet all the international and Major League Baseball standards for fields, safety, and operations.  At this facility, athletes will have everything they need to achieve athletic excellence at all levels of ability.  This stadium will accommodate 3,500 spectators on two levels of tiered seating.  Slanted wood shade structures provide shelter from the sun and rain for both the ramps and the seats of the stadium. Through these ramps, spectators will access their seats, concessions, retail shops, and restrooms. The ground level of the stadium houses the support facilities for the teams and stadium.   There are two clubhouses, one for each team, as well as two dormitories to accommodate traveling teams.  The clubhouses feature locker rooms, training facilities, equipment storage, and offices for the coaches.   At the top of the stadium are press booths for both TV and radio broadcasts of the games.