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Confidential Global Headquarters Project

Corporate Headquarters_Project Stats

Conceptually, our design for this global headquarters project, we have six vectors or directions that are interpreted into 6 material types (Textured Concrete, Stucco, Glass, Wood, Water, and Vegetation) for the entire palette of the building, where we use materials that are molded and treated to reinforce the concept; materials that evoke nature and materials that stand the test of time. The composition takes this into consideration and reflects this to the internal palette as well, re-enforcing the conceptual process in a subtle manner. Material selection for the interior spaces also plays an important role in reinforcing the concept (once again, Molded Concrete, Metal, Glass, Carpet, Terrazzo and Wood) with 6 materials.

Furthermore, the intersection of these vectors in the building take on significance, they create the interior space where corporate items are displayed (Wall of Fame), re-enforcing the concept of meeting/intersection/common space. The building should be inviting
and open enough to allow for the understanding of what the Association stands for and also offer new perspectives into the world of entertainment. Introducing spaces that allow for the visitors and employees to mix, comfortable areas for reflection and study and space to exhibit the conquests of the association are where the vectors intersect.