São Paulo Futebol Clube Stadium & Arena

RM+ was commissioned to find a solution for the division and covering for 2nd largest stadium in the world, located in São Paulo Brazil. The project involves creating a roof structure for the almost 80 thousand spectator seats, while protecting the most valuable seats in the lower ring from above without interfering with the viewing angles and also provide a working solution to sub-divide the seating to create a 25 thousand seat arena on one end of the stadium. RM+ worked closely with Walter P Moore (Structural Engineers) to propose a solution for these issues, creating the largest retractable acoustical wall in the world, with 9.000 square meters of surface area. The biggest challenge to the project is the age of the facilities, built in the early 60’s, forcing our team to create a solution that did not depend on the existing structural elements. According to FIFA, spectators should be under cover when watching soccer games, therefore the entire upper seating deck needed to be covered, with 80 meters of clear span at the center of the field, the size of the roof is considerable. With the roof in place, SPFC wished to create an integrated Arena space, where the facility managers could at any time close to hold smaller events, as the roof stood 70 meters above the field, this was a challenge in itself. RM+ solution was to slice the seating area with a retractable Acoustic wall system, that would allow SPFC to meet the stringent Sound ordinances in place today, reducing the acoustic sped by 35db. The mechanized retractable wall is fully automated and allows the facility managers to create the Arena with a minimal crew.