RM+ Tuesday Tips #1 – Add A Glowing Light Effect To Your Renderings with Photoshop

Do you want to add a cool effect to your architectural renderings? A great tip to know is how to add a glowing light effect using Photoshop.  Follow along with our video tutorial below to learn how!

For the Amador Convention Center project, our design features a pedestrian walkway that connects each of the buildings on the site – Banquet Hall, Performing Arts Theater, Grand Plaza, and Exhibition Hall.  Openings, with glowing light boxes, guide guests as they walk along this path.


In Revit, we modeled the light boxes using curtain walls with translucent glass panels. We used Revit’s Render in Cloud to produce renderings of the areas that feature the light boxes. Since we did not include any photometric light fixtures in our model, we needed to add this light effect afterwards in Photoshop. This would create an image that really captures the look we were trying to achieve.

Follow along in our video tutorial to learn how to add this glowing light effect to your renderings!

Thanks to ehow.com for the original step-by-step guide to create this effect.

This quick effect is easy to achieve and creates a dramatic difference to you images. Hope this inspires you to take your renderings to the next level!